What are tiered expiry dates for carry forward leaves

As an admin, when setting up your company’s carried forward leave policy, you have the option to set tiered expiry dates. Once set, the employees’ carry forward leave days will expiry accordingly and automatically.

Example of tiered expiry dates for carry forward leaves:

You have 10 carry forward leave days from last year-- your company can set a policy that states that every 3 months, 5 of these carry forward leave days are to expire.

To set tiered expiry dates for carry forward leaves:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Leaves > Policies.

2. Click Create Leave Policy.

3. Select Annual Leave.

4. Click Create Policy.

5. Fill in your annual leave policy settings.

6. Under the section Carry Forward, click Yes to enable carry forward leave settings.

7. Select your desired carry forward leave settings. 

8. Click Yes to Does carry forward leaves expire on a tiered basis?

9. Enter number of expiring leave days and select expiry date.

10. To add another tier, click on the + button.

11. Confirm by clicking Confirm.