You may set leave entitlement for your annual leave policy according to different criteria. The most common criteria are to determine the entitlement based on years of service. Once it is set, this would generally apply to all the employees.

However, in situation where your company has to grant special entitlements that does not follow this general policy, currently, we do not have a separate setting to set this up under the same Annual Leave policy for just a few employees.

To still grant the entitlement for these employees, you may modify their entitlement by making a general adjustment under their leave balance.

Here are the steps:

  1. Head to Leaves > Balances
  2. Search for the employee's name
  3. Click the View button to view the employee's Leave Balance Summary
  4. Click "Export Yearly Detailed Report" if you would like to view his/her current cycle entitlement
  5. Click Annual LeaveĀ policy under the Leave Policies section
  6. Click Modify to add or deduct the number of days
  7. If this entitlement will continue in the next year, remember to select Never Expires under Expiry, so that this will automatically be adjusted in the next cycle
  8. Add remarks for your changes, so that it is recorded in the change log and you will know why the general adjustment is made
  9. Click Confirm and you are done!
  10. To ensure the changes has been made, you may:

(a) Export the Export Yearly Detailed Report again to check if it has been recorded as the general adjustment under the General Adjustment

(b) View the Leave Balance Summary of the employee to see if the latest entitlement reflects it and changes has been made in the change log

(c) Check with your employee if it has also been reflected in his/her app leave summary view