What is Leaves Module 

The Leaves Module, is where Admins can digitalised the Leave application and management process for the company. Admins are able configure leave policies accordingly, view and manage employee's leave requests and balances as well as configure the approval routings. There are several steps that must be completed in Setting up the Leaves Module : 

1. Complete Set Up of People Module 

2. Set Up Approval Routings

3. Set Up Work Days

4. Set Up Holidays 

5. Set Up Leave Policies

6. Import Leave Requests

7. Modify Leave Balances if needed

8. Configure Leave Request Limit if needed

What are Leave Policies 

Leave Policies are the different types of Leaves that employees can apply for, along with their own set of rules, restrictions, entitlements and limits. Admins are able to customise each policy to reflect their company's way of work, including setting the eligibility of certain employees to apply for certain policies and managing the leave policy entitlements.. There are 5 Categories of Leave Policies that Admins can Set Up.  

Admins are able to set up different entitlements for different employees based on criteria within the same policy. For example, Admins may wish to set different Annual Leave Entitlement for Employees who have worked in the company for a certain number of years. This can be done in the Entitlement portion of the leave policy settings. 

How to Set Up different Entitlements for different Employees.

  • On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  • Click Leaves > Policies.

  • Click Create Leave Policy (read: How to Set Up an Annual Leave Policy
    OR select Edit on an existing leave policy

  • Go to the Entitlement Section

  • Enter the default entitlement days. For example, 14 (days annual leave in a year).

  • Advanced Settings allows you to choose

  • When does this Leave Cycle Refresh : Choose between Annually on a selected date, or Annually on the employee's Work Anniversary.
  • Mandatory consecutive leave setting : Choose if employees can apply one day at a time or if they must apply multiple days at a time
  • Allow Half Day
  • Configure different entitlement for different employees

7. Select No under "Same Entitlement for All?"

For Example: for employees' leave entitlement to increase according to years of service, adjust the Entitlement Setting to Years of Service criteria. 

Configure the years of service range for different entitlements

Set the entitlement for employees in those Years of Service in the table below. For example, employees who are within 2 years of service receive 10 days, when they've reached the next category of 2-5 years they will have 15 days and so on.

To understand how the employee's leaves will be calculated and changed according to changes in their years of service, here is an example:

Employees start off with an entitlement of 10 days per year, and after reaching 2 years of service, they have an entitlement of 15 days a year. 

If an employee reaches their 2nd Work Anniversary in June 2023, our system will calculate a pro-rated combination of leave entitlement for this employee. Come June, the employee will have a total entitlement of (10days/12months x 5months) + 15days/12months x 7 months) 

So upon reaching the employees 2nd work anniversary, they will have a total entitlement of 12.9 days for this year. The following year they will receive the full 15 days entitlement.