An engaged employee is a happy employee. Here are the modules you can use to engage your employees:

1. Checklist Module

For example, you can create a simple Employee Work Tools Checklist for new joiners to check off as they receive their work tools.

2. Onboarding Module

You can curate content to introduce the company, organizational values, and professional culture to integrate new hires into your organization. You can also download the list of new hires.

3. Documents

You can think of this as an internal google drive for you to share documents such as employee handbooks or employee-specific documents like payslips with employees. There's also a feature that allows employees to digitally sign off on documents, acknowledging that they have read and understood the contents.

4. Sales Kit

You could upload product information and decks into Sales Kit. Sales Kit can make ANY employee a part of your sales force. Our star feature for Sales Kit is in the Lead Forms. Employees can submit leads from the app, and this information will be sent to the relevant employees to follow up on.

5. Highlights

If you have some important information or announcement that you would like to push through, you can curate your content and share it with everyone in the company.

6. Quick Links

This is particularly useful if your company uses multiple platforms, this way employees can pop right into quick links and access the content or platform. 

7. Helpdesk

This helps to seamlessly engage with employees on HR-related queries and feedback by allowing employees to log tickets in their app, and the assigned agent will be able to assist with the issue or question. Some companies use it for non-HR related queries and feedback too!