• What is an annual leave policy

An annual leave policy is set up to allow all or a certain group of employees to be able to submit annual leave requests.

  • To set up annual leave policy:

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  2. Click Leaves > Policies.

  3. Click Create Leave Policy.

  4. Select Annual Leave .

  5. Click Create Policy.

  6. Fill in the required fields. For specific details, refer to the paragraphs below.

  7. Confirm by clicking Confirm.

  8. Click Leaves > Policies.

  9. On the right of the policy, under Status, slide ON.  

  10. Confirm by clicking OK to activate the policy. This will allow employees to view and submit a leave request for this policy.

  • What to fill in 

Section 1: Policy Information

  1. Select leave category as Annual Leave

  2. Enter leave policy name for internal purposes. For example, Annual Leave for Contract Staff

  3. Tick the display name box and enter a display name. This is what your employees will see. For example, Annual Leave.

  4. If you require your employees to provide attachments and description, tick the relevant boxes.

  5. Advanced Settings allows you to set more thorough settings such as working  or calendar days and requirements to apply for annual leave in advance. Tick the Emergency Leave box to set a limit on emergency leave days and allow employees to still apply for leave if it’s not within the required days in advance. This leave request will be flagged as an emergency leave in the admin dashboard.

Section 2 : Eligibility

  1. Select Yes, if all employees are eligible to submit a leave request on this policy. 

  2. Select No, and choose the relevant criteria for the group of employees that are allowed to submit a leave request for this policy . For example, you only want contract employees to be able to submit a request for this policy; select contract type and uncheck the permanent box. This allows only employees tagged as Contract to view this leave policy in their app and apply for this leave request.

Section 3 : Entitlement

  1. Enter the default entitlement days. For example, 14 (days annual leave in a year).

  2. Advanced Settings allows you to choose your leave cycle date, half days setting, mandatory consecutive leave setting, a different entitlement for all or a group of selected employees.

Section 4 : Pro Rata

  1. Select No, if you do not prorate your leaves.

  2. Select Yes, if you prorate your leaves. Select Full Entitlement on a pro rata basis or Earned Leave. Full entitlement on a pro rata basis means that, for example, every employee is entitled to 14 days annual leave and your leave cycle is set to 1 January until 31 December, if a new employee joins half way throughout the year, the employee will be entitled to 7 days annual leave for the remainder of the year. Earned leave means that employees will receive their leave entitlement after completing the specified number of days. You can experiment here as it will show a simulated leave entitlement before you confirm the settings.

Section 5 : Approval Routing

  1. Select Yes, if you would like to use the default approval routing as set in Leaves > Settings.
  2. Select No, to set specific approval routings. Click Add Approval Routing. Choose Group, Select Approval Routing. Click Confirm. Repeat this step to add multiple groups of employees. Important note: Make sure to add an ALL entry (groups ALL, applied to ALL) to avoid any routing errors.
  3. Tick Auto Approved to auto-approve a leave request after receiving no response from the employee’s manager after a chosen number of days.