What is Leaves Module 

The Leaves Module, is where Admins can digitalised the Leave application and management process for the company. Admins are able configure leave policies accordingly, view and manage employee's leave requests and balances as well as configure the approval routings. There are several steps that must be completed in Setting up the Leaves Module : 

1. Complete Set Up of People Module 

2. Set Up Approval Routings

3. Set Up Work Days

4. Set Up Holidays 

5. Set Up Leave Policies

6. Import Leave Requests

7. Modify Leave Balances if needed

8. Configure Leave Request Limit if needed

What is a Special Leave Policy

Special Leaves in altHR are not a single particular Leave Policy in particular. Special Leave is a way for admins to put an Overall Limit for multiple Policies Combined. For example, a company may provide 3 education-related Generic Leave Policies, each with their own entitlement as follows

Study Leave - 5 days
Exam Leave - 3 days
Ceremony Leave - 2 day
Total Entitlement - 10 days

When these 3 generic leave policies are Added into Special Policies, this allows them to 'share' the Entitlement Limit of the Special Leave Policy. For example, the Admin would like to limit a maximum of 8 days leave taken for Educational Purposes, and so they set the Education Special Leave Policy Entitlement to 8 days. 

If an Employee has already taken 5 days of Study Leave, and 3 days of Exam Leave, this reaches the Special Leave Limit of 8 days, and they will no longer be able to apply for any days of Ceremony Leave even though the policy itself has 2 days balance. 

The first step to Adding Generic Leaves to Special Leaves, start with creating Generic Leave policy and Add to Special Leave while setting them up


After you've created the Generic Leave Policies such as Study Leave, Exam Leave and Ceremony Leave, you may now proceed to create a Special Leave and add them in as we will go through below:

To Set Up a Special Leave Policy:

  1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  2. Click Leaves > Policies.

  3. Click Create Leave Policy.

  4. Select Special Leave .
  5. Click Create Policy.

  6. Fill in the required fields. For specific details, refer to the paragraphs below.
  7. Confirm by clicking Confirm.
  8. Click Leaves > Policies.
  9. On the right of the policy, under Status, slide ON.  
  10. Confirm by clicking OK to activate the policy. This will allow employees to view and submit a leave request for this policy.

What to fill in 

Section 1: Policy Information

  1. Select leave category as Special Leave.

  2. Enter leave policy name for internal purposes. For example, Special Leave for Education.

  3. Tick the display name box and enter a display name. For example, Education Leave.

  4. Select the generic leave policies you wish to add to this special leave. For example, select study leave (generic leave policy) 

Section 2: Entitlement

  • Enter the default entitlement days. For example, 14 (days annual leave in a year).

  • Advanced Settings allows you to choose

  • When does this Leave Cycle Refresh : Admins can select the date this entitlement refreshes
  • Configure different entitlement for different employees

To Configure Different Entitlement for Different employees

Select No under "Same Entitlement for All?"

For Example: for employees' leave entitlement to increase according to years of service, adjust the Entitlement Setting to Years of Service criteria. 

Configure the years of service range for different entitlements

Set the entitlement for employees in those Years of Service in the table below. For example, employees who are within 2 years of service receive 10 days, when they've reached the next category of 2-5 years they will have 15 days and so on.