What is Company Structure

Your company structure refers to the number of levels your company has. We have created a default structure for you (shown as below), feel free to change it to suit your own company.


Level 1: Division

Level 2: Department

Level 3: Section

Level 4: Team

Why is it important to set up the levels

By setting up the levels, it will be clear of the levels on your organisation chart and select your approval routing when you need to select "Head of Division", "Head of Department", or "Head of Section.

Organisation chart:

Approval routing list:

To add a new level of structure:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, click Company > Profile.

2. Click the Structure Tab at the top.

3. Click Add Structure to add a new level of structure.

4. Name the Organisation Type for this new level.

5. Confirm by clicking Add.

To edit the level of structure:

1. Click Edit for the level of structure you want to edit.

2. Edit the changes and confirm by clicking Update.

To remove or delete the level of structure:

You will only be able to delete the lowest level. If you'd like to delete Level 3 "Section", you would need to delete Level 4 and rename Level 3 as "Team".