Before you change the Head of Organisation, kindly check which scenario it falls under:

Scenario A: A member in the organisation will be the new Head

1. Head to People > Organisations

2. Select the organisation you'd like to make the changes

3. Check if the new Head is already in the Organisation Members.

4. If yes (let's say you want to select Melissa, who is currently not the Head to be the new head), head back to Organisation Profile and click Edit Organisations in the Actions drop down.

5. Change the Organisation Manager. You will be able to select as long as the new Head is already in the organisation.

6. Click Confirm once done and it will be updated and reflected in the organisation. The old Head of Department will now be only the member in the organisation.

Scenario B: A member outside the organisation will be the new Head

In this scenario, it can be you want to move e.g. the Head of Sales to become the Head of Business Development or the Sales Senior Manager (not from Product) to become the Head of Product, due to promotion / restructuring.

First, make sure that the employee has been moved to the new organisation (refer to Scenario A to understand why)

1. On the left of the admin panel, head to People > Employees.

2. Search for the name of the new head.

3. Select View Profile under the Actions drop down.

4. Select Employment Info on the left.

5. Select Change Employment under the Actions dropdown.

6. Select the new organisation and position that he/she will be in.

Note: If the position is not available, please make sure that you've either created a new position (if it has not existed yet) or vacate the Head of Organisation by removing the Old Head of Organisation.

7. Once you're done, you will be able to find him/her in the new organisation that he/she should be in.

8. Then, you can repeat the steps in Situation A.