• What is Custom Reports Generator

Custom Report Generator is a tool that allows for company admins to create custom reports for Leaves, Expenses, and more. Admins can create personalised reports on the admin panel by selecting information specific to your needs serving different reporting purposes, according to your company requirements.

By default, the altHR format has defaulted columns and field in the report. However, admins might not want all the information. The Custom Reports Generator simplifies the process of creating new reports, tweaking existing reports to suit different managers’ needs. This allows you to save time and energy as you can save the report template and now export report based on that format and share with managers, finance department and auditors with ease!

  • What modules are available for the custom report

  1. Leaves
  2. Expenses
  3. Travels
  4. Helpdesk

  • How to create new custom report 

1. On the left side of the admin panel, head to Company > Custom Reports.

2. Under Active Reports, click Create New Report.

3. Enter report name.

4. Select the module for your report. 

By selecting the module, you will be able to see the new created template in those modules. You will also be able to select the fields under the modules for your report. This means, if you were to select Leaves module but you actually need information from Expenses module e.g. Claims amount, you will not be able find it in the field drop down later.

5. Select the Group that you want to customise.

6. Select the file type. Currently, there's XLSX(Excel) or CSV.

7. Add in the field for the report according to the order of columns you'd like to show in the report. #2 means the information in the second column.

8. Select the category that those fields you're looking for will fall under. For example:

After you've selected Leave Balances as the Group, you are able to see two categories:

  • Employee Profile
  • Leave Balances

9. Select the fields that are available under the category.

10. You can rename the column name based on your report needs.

11. Click the "+" button to add another column.

12. Click the "x" button to remove any column you no longer need.

13. Click Save once you're done.

14. You will now be able to see the custom report in the list.

  • How to apply the custom report you created

1. Head to (Specific Module you want to report e.g. Expenses) > Reports.

2. Select the Generate Report tab.

3. Select the Report type (Group that you selected earlier).

4. Under the Format, you will be able to find the custom report template that you've created. Select it.

5. The file type will be defaulted based on what you've set earlier in the Custom Report setting.

6. Click Generate Report.

7. Head to the Download Report tab and download the report once it is ready to be downloaded.

For example: