What are custom reports

As an admin, you can create custom report templates for the Leaves, Expenses, Travel and Helpdesk modules. This allows you to select only information that you need to be displayed in your reports.

What modules are available for the custom report

1. Leaves

2. Expenses

3. Travels

4. Helpdesk

To create new custom report 

1. On the left side of the admin panel, head to Company > Custom Reports.

2. Click Create New Report.

3. Enter the report name. Choose the module, group and downloadable file format.

4. Select the information you would like to see in your report by inputting the categories and fields

    of the columns you wish to include. You may also rename the columns.

5. To add more columns, click on the + button.

6. Once you’ve added all the information you require, click Save.