• Situations where you need to refresh approval routing for the leave requests:

1. If your former manager leaves before processing all the leave requests, once they leave, the approver in the status will show "Position is Vacant".

2. If there's restructuring, the new manager has to process the old requests that were previously routed to the former manager.

  • To refresh approval routing of each leave request:

1. Head to Leaves > Requests

2. Search for the leave request that is affected.

3. Click View to view the leave request.

4. Scroll to the section at the bottom. Click Refresh Approval Routing.

4. Once you've refreshed the approval routing, it will be updated to follow the latest approval flow (shown as below). Please take note in situation where first approver has approved, when you refresh the routing to update the latest approver, the first approver will have to approve the request again.

The approvers will now see the request in the pending requests.