Under the Organizations structure, you are able to set multiple companies under one main holding company. This helps in setting up the approval process flow as well as all the personnels will be in the employee database.

However, these are a few situations that we will not advise you to set up multiple companies under one account:

  1. If you need to run payroll, it does not support multiple companies. The payroll will only show one company's name in the payslips and all the statutory reports.
  2. If your Finance or HR department handles different companies, it is advisable to set up a different account for the respective company. Otherwise, all the Finance / HR admins will be able to access and view all the transactions for all the companies under this account. This applies to modules such as Leaves and Travel.

If you have set up multiple accounts for multiple companies, you would need to login with different username / email to the respective account. Currently, you are not able to switch the company under one main account.