• Can employee clock in if he/she forgets to clock out the day before

If the employee forgets to clock out, the session will continue to run and he/she will not be able to clock in another new session until the old session has ended.

  • Can admin/supervisor help the employee to clock out?

If the session is still ongoing (in this case, the employee has not clocked out to end the session yet), you will not be able to edit the clock in session on the admin dashboard.

However, once the employee has clocked out, you may proceed to edit the session to correct the hours.

  • Can employee clock out at home when he/she forgets to clock out at office/store

If the admin has enabled geofence/WiFi settings and the employee has clocked in while in range, but forgets to clock out when in office and only realises it when he/she is back home, then he/she won't be able to clock out because the employee is not in the range set to the geofence/WiFi.

In this situation, you would need to require the employee to clock out when they're back in the location.

If you still have any issue with this, you can contact support@althr.my to inquire further and our support team will help you further.