• What are Employee Policy Documents

This module allows admins to upload documents for employees to access on their mobile app. There are four types of documents that can be uploaded:

  1. Statutory Documents - These are documents that are private to individual employees such as their pay slip. Admins are able to upload employee’s personal documents to an employee’s folder.

  2. Employee Policy Documents - Company policies that employees should know and does not require employees to sign off. For example, the Employee Handbook.

  3. Compliance Sign-Off Documents - Employees are required to read and sign off these documents. For example, Employee Code of Conduct.

  4. Regular Documents - General documents that employees can access without any actions required.

To limit visibility of Employee Policy Documents:

  1. Head to the left panel. Click Others > Documents > Files.

  2. Under Employee Policy Documents, click View.

  1. On the right of the chosen policy, click Actions > Edit Document.

  1. Select NO to All Employees are Eligible?.

  2. Select criteria.

  3. Confirm by clicking Save.