What are Compliance Sign-Off Documents

This module allows admins to upload documents for employees to access on their mobile app. There are four types of documents that can be uploaded:

Statutory Documents
These are documents that are private to individual employees such as their pay slip. Admins are able to upload employee’s personal documents to an employee’s folder.
Employee Policy Documents
Company policies that employees should know and does not require employees to sign off. For example, the Employee Handbook.
Compliance Sign-Off Documents
Employees are required to read and sign off these documents. For example, Employee Code of Conduct.
Regular Documents 
General documents that employees can access without any actions required.

To upload Compliance Sign-Off Documents:

1. Head to the left panel. Click Others > Documents > Files.

2. Under Compliance Sign-Off Documents, click View.

3. Click on the Document List tab.

4. On the right of the section, click New Document.

5.   Enter document name.

6.   Click Upload Document.

7.   Click on the Is Required checkbox to make the document compulsory for employees to sign-off.

8.   Select YES to All Employees are Eligible? if this document is intended to be viewable by all

      employees. If not, select NO and set criteria.

9.   Confirm by clicking Upload.

10. On the top left of the section, click on the Back arrow.

11. Click on the Document List tab.

12. Click the Share Access toggle switch ON (green) to make the file visible to the employee. 

13. Click the Make Visible to Employees toggle switch ON (green) to make the document folder

      visible to employees.