What is shown in the Approval Routing Report

When an employee submits a request, this request goes to the respective approver(s), this is known as approval routing. This report assists the admin in checking approval routings that have been set. Going through this file makes sure that you don’t miss anyone when setting up approval routings. Errors in approval routing will be labelled Issue With Approval Routing in the Excel file. 

The report includes these information:

1. Employee name

2. Employee ID

3. Employee position

4. Approval level

5. Approver’s name

6. Approver’s position

7. Approver’s employee ID

8. Approval routing name

9. Date last updated

To generate and download an Approval Routing Report:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click Leaves > Reports.

3. Click on the Generate Report tab.

4. Select Approval Routing.

5. Confirm by clicking Generate Report.

6. This will lead you to the Download Report tab. It will take up to a few minutes for your report to

    be generated, depending on the size of the report. You are free to navigate to other parts of the

    admin panel while waiting for the report to be generated.

7. On the right of the section, Click Refresh.

8. Once the report is Ready, click on Download.