What is shown in the Leave Request Report

Admins can keep track of employees’ leave requests with this report. It is the most commonly used report. There are two types of leave request report, namely, Leave Request and Detailed Leave Request. They are very similar to one another with the Detailed Leave Request Report providing extra information on whether a leave is taken for a full day or half day, in the AM or PM.

The report includes these information:

1.   Reference number - Every leave request is given a unique ID.

2.   Employee’s name

3.   Employee’s organisation - Department, branch or team.

4.   Employee’s location - Where the branch or department is located.

5.   Employee ID

6.   Leave policy

7.   Leave dates & days

8.   Leave count

9.   Leave half day, in the AM or PM, or full day (in detailed leave request report)

10. Description

11. Link to attachment

12. Final Approver’s name & employee ID

13. Leave status - Approved, Rejected or Cancelled 

14. Approver’s remark

15. Date submitted

16. Date approved/rejected

17. Date withdrawn 

18. Date cancelled

19. Date cancellation approved/rejected.

To generate and download a Leave Request Report:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click Leaves > Reports.

3. Click on the Generate Report tab.

4. Select Leave Request or Detailed Leave Request.

5. Select filters.

6. Confirm by clicking Generate Report.

7. This will lead you to the Download Report tab. It will take up to a few minutes for your report to

    be generated, depending on the size of the report. You are free to navigate to other parts of the

    admin panel while waiting for the report to be generated.

8. On the right of the section, Click Refresh

9. Once the report is Ready, click on Download.