What are page templates for Onboarding

  • An Onboarding Page can be set or created in the Journey section of the Onboarding module. Creating an onboarding page allows newly hired employees to be onboarded virtually. 
  • When creating a new onboarding page, you have the option to start from scratch or start with a Page Template that is prepared.

To create a new Onboarding page:


1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click Others > Onboarding > Journey.

3. On the right of the section, click Create Page.

4. Select a Template.


5. Select Page Type.

6. Enter Page Name and Display Name.

7. Enter content. This can be text, images or videos.

8. Click Save to save changes.


9. Confirm by clicking Publish Now to make the content viewable to employees in their app.