What is the People Module 

The People Module, is altHR's Employee Database. This is where admins are able to digitise employee information, login settings, and the company's overall Organisational Chart. 

What are People Reports

People reports are reports of your employees’ details that can be extracted from altHR, for example their bank details or contact numbers. You can generate custom reports that are downloadable as Excel files. 

As an admin, you are able to extract employee information from altHR if you need to generate a report. You are able to export:

Employee profile
This extracts an individual’s or multiple individuals' profiles.
This extracts information of employees in specific organisations or all organisations.
Employee TagThis extracts information of employees with specific employee tags
First Day of WorkThis Extracts Information of employees from a specific first day of work range

Admins also have the option to include Resigned employees in this report 

To Generate a People Report:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Import/Export.

3. Click on the Export Employee tab.

4. Select Employee.

5. Select format.

Note: When an employee is terminated in altHR, their information is still kept in the system. Hence you may opt to include them in employee reports by toggling ON "Include Resignees"

4. Select the required filters and details to export.

5. Confirm by clicking Generate Employee List.

Available formats

Excel and PDF (applicable to certain filters only).