What is Employee Profile Settings

Employee Profile Settings is one of many settings available to customise what your employee views on their app. This particular section customises how an employee views their own profile on the altHR app. There are three terms you should familiarise yourself with to get the setting right:

When turned on, employees can see the chosen section in their profiles.
When turned on, profile updates by employees will require admin approval.
When turned on, employees are able to update their profiles.

As an admin, you are able to toggle these three settings on or off and customise further by allowing specific groups of employees to view or edit profile sections.

To set up employee profile settings:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Settings.

3. Click on the App Settings tab > Employee Profile Settings.

4. Click to toggle required settings on. Green indicates that the setting is active.

5. Click All to select whether all employees are eligible.