What is employee’s request to edit profile

When an employee requests for an information change in their profile via the altHR app, admins receive a notification to approve or deny such requests. This of course depends on the Employee Profile Settings previously set. If Employee Profile Settings are set such that employee profile information is editable and requires admin approval, admins will receive a notification for the request. 

Example: When an employee edits their marital status on the app, a notification is sent to the admin for approval. The admin can then approve, which will automatically change the employee’s information on the admin dashboard and app, or deny the change.

To view, approve or reject employee’s request to edit profile:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Settings.

3. Click on the Profile Requests tabYou will be able to view all employee requests for profile edit here.

4. On the right of the section, click View.

5. Click Approve or Reject