What is custom field in employee profile

As an admin, this setting allows you to create custom fields for your employees to fill in their profile. 

Example: If you need T-shirt sizes of all your employees, creating a custom field under profile will allow your employees to enter that information. Once submitted by employees, the T-shirt sizes are stored and viewable by admins within an employee’s profile. Admins can also extract this information along with other details by generating an employee report.

To add custom fields to employees’ profile:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Settings.

3. Click on the App Settings tab > Custom Fields. 

4. Click Create New Custom Field.

5. Fill in the field title and description.

6. Confirm by clicking Confirm.

What to fill in

1. Field Title - For example, T-shirt size.

2. Description - For example, S, M or L.

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