What is Sales Kit

The Sales Kit module allows admins to upload product information and sales decks for different types of products. This will empower all employees to be a part of your sales force by sharing it to potential customers. 

A very useful feature in this module is the Sales Kit Form. It’s a simple and straightforward system- set up the forms, and employees will be able to submit leads from the altHR app. This information will be sent automatically to the relevant employees to follow up on, digitising the lead generation process.

To set up and publish a new sales kit:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Others > Sales Kit > Kits.

2. Click Active Sales Kit.

3. Click Create New Sales Kit to create a folder.

4. Enter sales kit name and description.

5. Click Confirm.

6. On the right of the folder, click View.

7. Click Create New Folder to add subfolders. 

8. Click Upload File to upload a PNG, PDF file or a video link- these are the materials employees will

    be able to share.

9. Toggle the publish switch ON (green) to enable the sales kit to be viewed by employees on the mobile app.

10. At the Sales Kit Form section, click Edit Form to edit the lead generating form. Fill in the relevant fields. 

11. Toggle Publish Form switch ON (green) to enable digital lead generation form.

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