What are spaces 

Spaces allow admins and employees to keep track of the current occupancy of any room, building or facility in real-time.

 As an admin, you are able to set up a Space in altHR to track and limit the number of people in a meeting room or a particular facility. You can also set a check out reminder to remind employees to check out of the facility after a certain time limit.

As an employee, you are able to see the remaining capacity of the Space through the altHR app in real time.  This feature is particularly relevant in current times, as you can check occupancy of a place for health and safety reasons. 


Admins can set up a meeting room in Spaces. A unique QR code can be generated and used by employees to check in and out of the room. This allows other employees to check which meeting rooms are available for use via their altHR app. Spaces can also be used to track and limit occupancy of facilities such as the car park and gym.

To view Spaces:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Others > Spaces.

To set up Spaces, please read this article:
How to create and edit spaces