What is Rostering

The Rostering Module is used for admins to create weekly Shift Rosters for their employees to know what shifts they have for the week, sign up for shifts, and if desired, clock in and out of their shifts. There are a few ways Rostering can be used:

  • As a shift schedule - For example, you are running a restaurant with two employee shifts, one in the morning and one in the evening OR day schedules, Schedule A (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and Schedule B (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). You are able to set up rosters like these.

  • As a Business Continuity Plan - For example, you have to limit the number of people in the office building to promote safe physical distancing, you can have team A and team B that will come into the office on different days or weeks.

When setting up shifts as an admin, you are able to turn on a setting that allows team members to apply for a shift. Shift managers can then simply approve or reject such applications. 

What is a Rostering Team

A Rostering Team is created to group employees with different shift schedules, locations or clock in/clock requirements. 

Example: You may have a group of employees who usually clock in at a particular branch of your company, and you intend to ensure that employees are in the right location when they clock in and clock out. You may create a Time Tracking Team for this branch and turn on Geofence Clock In for this location. 

Example: You may have employees who work on the Night shift and have a different set of Shifts than other employees. You may create a Rostering team for Night Shift, and set the respective shifts in this team for these employees.

Before being able to create a shift schedule, you will first have to create the team which you want to create a schedule for. The prerequisite when creating a team is making sure the team members are already in your altHR employee database. 

There are two ways to create a team in Rostering:

  • Create a new team - This allows admins to create a customised team.
  • Duplicate team from Time Tracking - Time Tracking is a digital clock-in clock-out altHR feature. You are able to duplicate a team from this module.


Assigned team leader(s) are responsible to approve or reject shift requests by employees. An admin would have to create a team and add an employee a team leader. Once an employee has been configured as a team leader, they can manage the team’s time tracking settings via https://admin.althr.my/.

Note: Deleting a Rostering team is permanent.

To create a team in Rostering:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Others > Rostering.

2. Click Create New Team.

3. Fill in the details and select requirements. 

4. Confirm by clicking Confirm.

What to fill in settings for Teams

1. Enter Team Name

2. Select Team Leaders by searching for and selecting their names from the options.They will be able to access Rostering via the admin dashboard.

3. Select team members.

Note: An employee who is listed as the Team Leader does not need to be re-entered in the Team Members list

4. Enable Team Leaders to receive notification when a team member applies for a shift. Enabling this will send email notifications to Team Leaders, when a Team Member applies for an Open Shift created in their Team Roster.

5. Enable Allow Employees to clock into their shifts via Time Tracking. The Clock in/Clock Out function is done in the Time Tracking module. If you do not require your employees to clock in or out of their shifts, and are only using the Rostering Module for your employees to be able to view their Weekly Shifts roster, click no.

6. Enable Geofence to ensure employees clock in and out in a specified location. You can get the coordinates of the location via a simple Google search. You will only be able to input One set of coordinates per team. 
You will also be able to select how big you want your Geofence Range to be in Meters.

7.  Enable WiFi IP address to ensure employees clock in and out when connected to a specific Wifi Network. Key in your WiFi router’s IP address. You may input multiple IP addresses if needed.

8. Set When employees can start clocking into their shift. Employees will not be able to clock in if they do not fall within the set time frame.

9. Track Late Clock In. Select Yes to require employees to submit a late clock-in form if they clock in late.

10. Set a Clock In Buffer Time. You may select how many minutes buffer time an employee has to clock in before it is considered a Late clock-in.

11. Enable Track Overtime Clock Out. If you would like to track late clock out as overtime for your employees, click yes. This will require employees to submit an overtime request form for Team Leads to approve or reject.

12. Set a Clock Ou Buffer Time. You may select how many minutes buffer time an employee has to clock out before it is considered a Late clock-out.

13. Include Buffer Time into Overtime Calculations. For example, a shift ends at 6pm, and you have set a buffer time of 15 minutes. If an employee clocks out at 7pm, the overtime calculation will Clock Out Time - Shift End Time = 1 Hour. If you do not enable this function, the calculation will be Clock Out Time - (Shift End Time + Buffer Time) = 45 Minutes. 

14. You may choose to Display Leave Balance in Roster. This allows admins to glance at employees remaining leave balance of your selected Leave Policies when viewing the Team Roster. You may only select an Annual Leave or Generic Leave policy to display in roster.

15. Clock on Confirm to save changes.

To edit a team in rostering:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Rostering.

2. On the right of the team, click the Edit icon.

3. Edit team details.

4. Confirm by clicking Confirm.