What is Duplicating Teams from Time Tracking?

Admins are able to duplicate a team from Time Tracking into Rostering, to eliminate time needed to set up a team with the same clock in requirements, team leads and team members in both time tracking and rostering. 

Any changes made in one of the duplicated teams, will reflect in the other team. For example, if a team lead is removed from a Rostering Team duplicated from Time Tracking, the same team lead will be removed from the duplicated Time Tracking Team. In the same way, any changes in requirement for Clock In in the Time Tracking Team, will reflect in the duplicated Rostering Team.

To duplicate time tracking teams for rostering teams:

1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Others > Rostering.

2. Click Create New Team.

3. Click Duplicate Team from Time Tracking.

4. Select an existing team from Time Tracking.

5. Click Yes to Enable team leaders to be notified when an employee applies for a shift.

6. Confirm by clicking Confirm.