What are sign-off documents:

Compliance Sign-Off Documents - You are required to read and sign off these documents. For example, Employee Code of Conduct.

To sign off documents:

1. Head to the left panel. Click Repository > Documents.

2. Click on Compliance Sign-Off Documents  to view files.

3. Click on the file. Note: Documents with a green tick are already signed off.

4. Tick the box.

5. Confirm by clicking Sign Document.

Mobile App:

  • To view and sign off documents:

  1. On your mobile app homepage, click on Documents.

  2. If you can’t find the Documents on your homepage, click the More icon

  1. Click on Compliance Sign-Off Documents.

  1. Click on the document.

  2. After reading, Select I have read the document.

  3. Click Sign Document.

  1. Confirm by clicking Yes


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