Managing leaves on behalf of your manager

As a Personal Assistant, you will be able to view and manage your manager’s and team’s leaves and requests via your user web app.


1. Applying and/or withdrawing leaves on behalf of your manager.

2. Approve/reject team leaves requests.

To view pending leave requests as a Personal Assistant:

1. On your mobile app homepage, click on Leaves.

2. Click On Behalf Of.

3. Select the manager you are making action on behalf of.

4. Click on Team Requests.

5. Click the Pending filter.

6. Click on an expense to view more details.

Note: The pending status does not necessarily mean that action is required by the manager you are representing. Rather, the leave request has not been fully approved. This means that somewhere along the line of approval, a particular person in the chain of command has not taken action to approve or reject that request. You can check the approval routing by clicking the > button next to Status.

If action is required by the manager you are representing, you should be able to see an Approve/Reject button. Otherwise, there are no actions required from you for that particular leave request.