How to navigate your mobile app homepage:

Starting from the top left of your homepage, the 3-line icon is your Settings menu. At the bottom right, My Profile is your Profile settings.

You will see some default modules on your homepage. To see all the modules you have access to and to personalise the modules displayed on your homepage, click More

Here are some of the available modules and what you can do with them:

LeavesApply and manage your leaves here.
ExpensesApply and manage your claims.
TravelAccess your travel management forms.
DocumentsAccess your personal company documents.
CasesRaise or manage your Human Resources inquiry tickets.
HighlightsAccess important company updates.
Quick linksOne-stop storage for all your important company pages.
Address bookAccess your company’s contact list.
Sales kitAccess company brochures.

To personalise your homepage:

  1. On your mobile app homepage, click More.

  2. Click Edit Favourites.

  3. Add modules you would like quick access to. These are the modules that will appear in your homepage.

  4. Click Save.

Take note:

The modules you are able to view depends on what is enabled/disabled by your altHR admin.