What is time tracking

The time tracking module on AltHR allows you to view and set up a digital “clock in, clock out” system for your employees. 

What Are Timesheets?

Time Tracking timesheets are entries of clock in/clock out sessions of your employees. There may be some cases where you may need to edit these sessions. For example, if they arrive to work at 9am, but forgot to clock in until 11am. Employees can edit the timesheet to change 11am to 9am.


How to edit Employee’s time sessions

  1. On the left panel of your admin dashboard, head to Time Tracking. 
  2. Go to Timesheets
  3. Select the employee you wish to edit time sheets
  4. Select View


  1. Select the time session and click Edit
    Note: You will only be able to edit time sessions that are not Manual Clock In

  1. Edit the date and time of clock in and clock out as needed

  1. Add a break if needed
  2. Add a remark if needed 
  3. Click Save to save changes

  1. You may also view any changes that has been made to the time session by scrolling down to Change Log
  2. Click on View Changes 

  1. The Change Log will show what changes have been made, and who has made these changes, as well as their remarks.