In This Article 

  1. What is Employee Profile 
  2. How to Manage Employee Profile 
  3. To View Employee's Profile 
  4. What is Bulk Update
  5. To Bulk Update Employee Information

What is Employee Profile 

Each employee hired into your altHR account will have an Employee Profile - this is their employee database. This Profile includes their Employment information such as position details and join date, as well as any personal, contact, compensation and identification details pertaining to the employee. 

How to Manage Employee Profile

Admins are able to Manage Employment Information Read How to Manage Employment Information in Employee Information

Admins are able to View and Edit details in the Employe Profile -The Employee Profile will contain an employee's Details, Employee's Contacts, Compensation Information, Family and Beneficiaries Information and Other information. In this Article we will explore how to view and edit Employee Details in the Employee Profile

To View Employee's Profile 

  1. Head to People > Employees
  2. Select Active Employees tab
  3. Type in the employee's name in the search button
  4. Click the Action button to drop down the available actions for the employee
  5. Select View Profile

What is Bulk Update?

Bulk Update is used for a different purpose than Employee Import. The People Import is used to import New Employees that do not yet exist in the system. Read here for How to Import Employees in Bulk. Bulk Update is used to Update information of the employees that already exist in the system. This process involves 3 steps : 

1. Exporting an excel template containing the employees current organisation 

2. Editing the employee details within the excel sheet

3. Uploading the edited excel sheet to update details in the system 

To Bulk Update Employee Information:

1. On the left panel of the admin dashboard, head to People > Import / Export

2. Select Bulk Update

3. Under Employees section, you can choose whether you want to update details of:

(a) All Employees

(b) Specific employees

(c) Filter by criteria

4. Select the details that you want to bulk update:

(a) Details

(b) Others

(c) Contacts

You may select sub-category details.

5. Once you have done the filter, click Download Template

6. Update the data in the excel sheet template that you have downloaded.

Note: Do not convert the template into any other format such as Google Sheets. This will corrupt the formatting present in the Import Template. Kindly input any data while maintaining it as an Excel Sheet.

Note: Do not Rearrange the rows of the exported template you have downloaded while filling in the updated information. 

7. Choose file and click "Start Bulk Update".