What is Rostering

The Rostering Module is used for admins to create weekly Shift Rosters for their employees to know what shifts they have for the week, sign up for shifts, clock in and out of their shifts if needed, and view Shift History. There are a few ways Rostering can be used:

  • As a shift schedule - For example, you are running a restaurant with two employee shifts, one in the morning and one in the evening OR day schedules, Schedule A (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and Schedule B (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). You are able to set up rosters like these.

  • As a Business Continuity Plan - For example, you have to limit the number of people in the office building to promote safe physical distancing, you can have team A and team B that will come into the office on different days or weeks.

Employees will either be scheduled shifts, or be able to apply for a shift. Shift managers can then simply approve or reject such applications. 

Line Managers will be able to view their team's Roster as well as view and approve or reject team members Overtime Requests.

To view your team's shifts as a Manager:

1. On your web app homepage, click on Rostering.

2. Click on the Team Roster tab.

3. To see shifts in different months or weeks, select the needed month and date range

4. To view participants of the shift, select the Shift you'd like to check 

5. You are now able to view the employees who are assigned to that shift.