What is Time Tracking


Time Tracking is essentially a digital “clock-in clock-out” system for employees. There are a few things you can do in this module:

  1. Clock in and out to record your time attendance.

  2. View your time attendance records.

  3. Download your time attendance report in Excel format.


To clock in and out on Web App:

  1. On your web app homepage, click on Time Tracking.

  1. Slide the Slider bar to Clock In.

  2. Select which Team you would like to Clock In To

4. To take a break, Click Break

5. To end break, click Break Out

6. To clock out, click Clock Out.

7. Confirm clock out by inputting description and clicking Submit.


If your admin has enabled the Geofence option to clock in for work at a job location, keep in mind that you must be within 100 metres of the geofence parameter to clock in. You can, however, clock out without being within the geofence limit.