What is Flexi Benefits ?

The Flexi Benefits Module is a way for Employers to provide additional benefits to their employees, aside from the necessary Expenses an employee can claim. Employees are allocated points, the amount of which are customisable by the admin, as a Benefit Entitlement for a set period of time (such as an year 2022 Entitlement)

Employees can choose from the available selections and claims that admins set up, such as Medical Coverage, Productivity tools, and wellness subscriptions, and spend points on the benefits & claims they value most. This is a module that centres around employee recruitment, engagement and retention. 

What are Flexi Benefit Selections?

Selections are the specific options within a Benefit that the employee can select. Admins can set up Multiple Benefits to be available to their employees. Admins can customise the eligibility settings for each Benefit . Each Employee can be eligible for multiple Benefits.

How to Set Up Flexi-Benefits Selections: 

  • On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

  • Click Flexi Benefits > Selections.

  • Click Create Selection.

  • Fill in the required fields. For specific details, refer to the paragraphs below.

  • Confirm by clicking Confirm.

  • Click Flexi Benefits > Selection.

  • On the right of the policy, under Status, slide ON.  

  • Confirm by clicking OK to activate the policy. This will allow employees to view choose this selection

What to fill in 

Section 1: Benefit Settings

  1. Enter Benefit name for internal purposes. For example, Medical Leave for Confirmed Staff

  2. Tick the display name box and enter a display name. This is what your employees will see. For example, Medical Leave.
  3. Select which Entitlement this Benefit Selection is tied to (Benefits selections will be covered by this Entitlement's credits)

  4. Select Yes or No if this Benefit extends to the employee's Dependants. 

Section 2: Eligibility

  1. Select Yes, if all employees are eligible to submit a leave request on this policy. 

  2. Select No, and choose the relevant criteria for the group of employees that are allowed to submit a leave request for this policy . For example, you only want contract employees to be able to submit a request for this policy; select contract type and uncheck the permanent box. This allows only employees tagged as Contract to view this leave policy in their app and apply for this leave request.

Section 3: Benefits Selections

  1. Click Add New Selection

2. Key in the Selection name (ie: Optical Coverage)

3. Key in the max amount of points the employee can use for this benefit selection. (points = credits in entitlement)

4. Key in the description of the selections. This is what the employees will see when they are choosing the benefit

    selection they would like to have.

5. Click confirm to save.

6. Repeat this process for as many selection you would like for this benefit (ie: Outpatient Medical Coverage,

    Private Consultation etc)

7. When you've completed creating your selections, choose one to be set as a default selection for this benefit

Section 4: Pro Rata

1. Select Yes if you would like the points for the benefits selection to be pro rated (on a daily basis) for New Joiners

2. Select No if you would like New Joiners to be able to use up to the total number of points for this benefits


3. Click on Confirm to save the benefit selection.

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