In this article : 

1. What is Employees Sub Module 

2. What is Termination 

3. How to Cancel Resignation 

What is Employees Sub Module? 

Employees is the sub module that serves as the employees database in altHR. Here, admins are able to add, view, edit and terminate employee profiles, as well as move employees into different parts of the organisational chart. Admins are able to view both currently active employees as well as past employees who have already resigned or been terminated. 

What is Termination ? 

Termination, or Terminating an employee, or setting an employee as resigned, is the process of removing the employee from your list of active employees in altHR. Admins are able to set ahead the last employment date for terminated or resigned employees. Employees who have been set as resigned (last employment date is a future date that has not come to pass) will still be viewable in the Active Employees tab in the Employees Sub Module. After the last employment date has passed, the employee will automatically be moved to the Terminated Employees tab.

Terminated Employee = An employee who has already past their Last Employment Date. This Employee will appear in Terminated Employees List

Resigned Employee = An Employee who has resigned but has not reached their Last Employment Date yet. This Employee will appear in Active Employees list with an indicator of how long they have left as an active employee. 

Resignation Date = The date an employee has submitted their resignation, or an employer has informed them of termination 

Termination Date / Last Employment Date = The last date that the employee will be considered an active employee. After this date, they will be moved to Terminated List.

Note: Terminated employees will lose access to altHR at the end of their last employment date. Upon termination, the position will also be closed in altHR. Admins will have to recreate the position during the new hire process if needed. 

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In the case of an employee withdrawing their resignation, you will be able to Cancel the the Employee's Resignation.

How to Cancel an Employee's Resignation:

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Employees.

3. Click on the Active Employees tab.

4. Search for the employee you wish to terminate.

5. On the right of the employee, click Actions > Cancel Resignation

6. Acknowledge that this action will affect pay run in the Payroll Module, and Click on Confirm.