What is time tracking

The time tracking module on AltHR allows you to view and set up a digital “clock in, clock out” system for your employees. There are two simple settings here:

Job BandSet up the maximum daily working hours of employees in different job bands. The job bands available here are pulled from the set up you have done in the Company module
TeamsSet up teams and their time tracking settings.

What is a Time Tracking Team 

A Time Tracking Team is created to group employees with different clock in/clock out times or requirements. 

Example: You may have a group of employees who usually clock in at a particular branch of your company, and you intend to ensure that employees are in the right location when they clock in and clock out. You may create a Time Tracking Team for this branch and turn on Geofence Clock In for this location. 

Example: You may have employees who work on the Night shift and have a different set of Working Hours than other employees. You may create a Time Tracking team for Night Shift, and set the respective working hours in this team for these employees.

The types of clock in methods

The time tracking module on AltHR allows you to view and set up a digital and real-time “clock in, clock out” system for your employees. Admins can set and utilize different methods to allow employees to clock in to and clock out of their shifts

To explore the 3 clock in and clock out methods:

1. Clock In (Realtime clock in and clock out)

2. QR Clock in (Real time clock in and clock out via scanning QR code)

3. Manual Clock in ( manually creating a timesheet aka clock in clock out session)

Admins can also enable special Requirements for your employees to clock in as below.

  • Enable Geofence to ensure employees clock in and out in a specified location. You can get the coordinates of the location via a simple Google search. You will only be able to input One set of coordinates per team. 
    You will also be able to select how big you want your Geofence Range to be in Meters.

How to input Geofence Coordinates

1. Open Up Google Maps on your Desktop

2. Search for your desired team's location/office

3. Right Click on the red Location Pin Icon

4. Copy the coordinates that appear in the dropdown. You may now paste these coordinates in your Geofence input.