What are Travels? 

The Travels module allows Admins to set up a process for employees to submit travel requests, such as for accommodations and transportation. These requests will then be approved or rejected by a Manager/Approver, and once approved, admins are able to process the approved request by making the needed travel arrangements. This module is also used for admins to record any costs the company has expended for travel purposes.

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What is the Travel Desk ? 

The Travel Desk is where admins are able to View and Process Approved Travel Requests from employees. Admins are able to track and update arrangements that have been successfully made for these travel requests such asAccommodation bookings and transportation arrangements. This is done by adding 'Travel Costs' to each travel leg after the arrangements have been made. This also serves as a way for admins to keep record of company costs expended on travel arrangements. 

In order to understand how the Travel Desk works, it is important to understand the steps involved in Processing a Travel Request. 

Employee Applies for Travel RequestRequest appears in Requests, pending approval from manager.
Manager Approves employee's Travel RequestApproved request is Copied Into Travel Desk > To Process tab, pending action from admin.
Admin Adds Travel Costs to Travel Requests during Processing (making travel arrangements)Travel Costs will be recorded in Costs, for reference and expenditure records.
Admin completes Processing Travel - Set As ProcessedTravel Request is Moved From Travel Desk > To Process, to Travel Desk > Processed

How to Process Approved Travel Requests 

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Select Travels, and select Travel Desk.

3. Select the To Process tab. Here you will find approved requests that require action. 

4. Click on View to view details of an approved request.

Note: Requests that contain a Mode of Transport that Does Not Require Travel Desk Action, will not be Copied into the To Process Tab upon approval. These requests will be Copied straight into the Processed tab upon approval, as they do not require processing.

4.  You will now be able to view the details of the Travel Request.

5. Add Additional Travel Leg details 

6. Add Travel Costs after you have made the arrangements and confirm the costs expended for this travel leg. 

  • Travel Cost Type - Select from the Drop Down of Travel Costs created in Travels > Settings > Travel Costs.
  • Invoice Date - The date of the invoice for this cost
  • Invoice Number - If applicable
  • Merchant Name - If applicable
  • Merchant Number - if applicable
  • Merchant Business Registration Number - If applicable
  • Currency & Amount of this Travel Cost
  • Select Tax Type - Choose between GST Standard Rate 6%, GST Zeroed Rate 0%, and SST
  • Tax Amount & Tourism Tax Amount of this Travel Cost

7.  Repeat the process by selecting Add Travel Cost  if needed.

8. Select Process Travel Leg to confirm the costs and arrangements made for this travel leg.


9. Admins will be able to view which Travel Leg has been processed (for multiple Travel Legs by the Green 'Processed' status for each Travel Leg. 

10. Select Set as Processed to mark this Travel Request as fully processed. 

11. Select Confirm to Process All Travel Legs and set this request as fully Processed. 

Admins will now be able to view the Processed Request in Processed tab, and the processed Travel Costs in Costs tab.