What are Travels? 

The Travels module allows Admins to set up a process for employees to submit travel requests, such as for accommodations and transportation. These requests will then be approved or rejected by a Manager/Approver, and once approved, admins are able to process the approved request by making the needed travel arrangements. This module is also used for admins to record any costs the company has expended for travel purposes.

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What are Travel Requests ? 

The Travels Requests page is where admins can view records of all Travel Requests that have been Submitted by employees. Admins are able to view at a glance, the Reference Number, Employee's Name,Travel Details, and Approval Details of each request submitted. 

How to view Travel Requests

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Select Travels, and select Requests.

3. Select View on the respective request

4. Admins will now be able to view the specific details of this request, as well as the approval routing and approval status for this request.

5. If there are any changes to the original approval routing, admins can Refresh approval routing for this request to be approved correctly. 

Note: Refreshing the approval routing will reset this request back to pending approval from the first level approver.