What are Organisations ?

The Organisations sub-module is used to display and manage your company's Organisational Chart. An Organisation is an umbrella term for the different departments and teams you may have within your company's organisation chart. Different levels of Organisations are often known as Divisions, Departments, Sections, Teams in Different Locations or Stores etc. Employees within an organisation are considered to be team members. 

There are 4 Components of your Organisation Chart to keep in mind, all of which can be likened to the process of building a house:

Structure - You must build the structure of your house, and decide how many floors (levels) it will have. This must be built before moving to the next step.

Organisations - Think of each organisation as a room in your house. They are meant to separate the functions of your employees. Imagine each bedroom having a theme.

Positions - Positions can be considered the beds that exist in each room. Each person must have a bed to sleep in. You will not be able to move a person in this room if they do not have a bed available.

Employees - These are the people who will be moving into your 'House'. Ensure everything has been built properly before trying to move them in.

In this article, admins can learn how to manage organisations that have already been created. To read how to Set Up organisations, Read Here : How do Organisations Work?

To Manage Organisations

1. On the left-hand panel of your admin dashboard, click on People > Organisations

2. Select the Organisation to view 

Admins can View and Manage the Organisation Profile, View Organisation Members, and View and manage Positions in the organisation. Read : What Are Positions to learn how to create and manage Positions in the organisations. 

1. Manage Organisation 

    a ) Edit Organisation 


    1. Select Edit Organisation. 

    2. Admins will be able to edit the Organisation's Profile Information as below : 

  •     Organisation Name
  •     Organisation Manager (Admins can only choose the name of another member of this organisation) 
  •     Organisation Code 
  •     Availability Date (This is the date the division/department/team was established)
  •     Location (Admins may select from existing locations set up in Company > Offices
  •     Organisation Assistant 
  •     Organisation Cost Center & Cost Center Description (Admins may add this information for finance department to identify the cost centre for any expenses by employees that belong to this organisation)
  •     Organisation Status as External agent

3. Select Confirm to save changes.

    b) Move Organisation

   1. Select Move Organisation 

2. Select the Parent Organisation to move this organisation under. This organisation will then be placed directly under the selected parent organisation

   3. Select Submit to confirm changes 


     c) Retire Organisation 

        1. Select Retire,  which means to delete or remove them from the organisation chart.

2. Select Close Organisation to confirm action.

Note: As a safeguard, admins are not able to retire organisations that currently have employees or Filled Positions. These employees must be moved to a different organisation before this organisation can be retired.

2) View Organisation Members

   Admins are able to view the members in this organisation, as well as view their Employee Profile

Read : What are Positions? to learn how to add and manage positions within an organisation