What are Leave Entitlements? 

Leave Entitlements are the number of leave days in a leave policy that an employee is entitled to before the end of the leave cycle. Admins can view entitlements and balances for each leave policy of their employees such as Annual Leaves, Sick Leaves, Hospitalisation Leaves and more. 

Admins are able to Adjust or Modify employees leave entitlement, for reasons such as providing replacement leave, tallying up leave balances from a previous system, or correcting employee leave entitlements after commencing with carry forward leave at the end of the leave cycle. Admins can modify balances for specific leave policies for each employee. This can be done in two ways : 

1. Individual Modify Balance 

2. Bulk Adjust Balances - Explained below. 

How to Bulk Adjust Entitlement

  1. On the left-hand panel of your admin dashboard, click on Leaves > Balances 
  2. Select More Actions > Bulk Adjustment

  3. Select Download Template
  4. Fill in the data in the Template downloaded 
  5. Upload the completed template
  6. Select Confirm to complete action.

Note : Once you click confirm, employee leave balance for the policy selected will be adjusting according to the uploaded file. Please check and confirm to prevent any leave balance discrepancies

There are 2 Sheets in the Bulk Adjust Template: 

  • Entitlement Adjustment - This is where admins can Add or Deduct from specific employees specific leave balances 
  • Replacement Credit - This is where admins can award replacement credits (admins cannot deduct replacement credits)  to specific leave policies of employees 


Employee IDThe employee ID of the employee who's balance is to be adjusted
Policy NameThe name of the Leave Policy this adjustment will be applied to (Must Match the Name of a Leave Policy that exists in Leaves Module)
ModificationThe Type of Adjustment needed (Add or Deduct)
Number of DaysThe total number of days to be added or deducted in this adjustment
Make Visible to EmployeeChoose whether or not this employee will see this adjustment in the Entitlement Adjustment portion of their leave balance. The employee will not see any other remarks associated with this adjustment.
Working DateFor Replacement Credit: The Non-Work Day that the employee had worked on to earn this replacement credit
ExpiryFor Replacement Credit (Optional): The expiry date of this Replacement Credit. If not date is input, the replacement credit will expire at the end of the current leave cycle.