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  1. What is Employee Profile 
  2. How to Manage Employee Profile 
  3. To View Employee's Profile 
  4. Contacts
    1. Work Contact 
    2. Personal contact 
    3. Emergency Contact 

What is Employee Profile 

Each employee hired into your altHR account will have an Employee Profile - this is their employee database. This Profile includes their Employment information such as position details and join date, as well as any personal, contact, compensation and identification details pertaining to the employee. 

How to Manage Employee Profile

Admins are able to Manage Employment Information - Read HERE

Admins are able to View and Edit details in the Employe Profile -The Employee Profile will contain an employee's Details, Employee's Contacts, Compensation Information, Family and Beneficiaries Information and Other information. In this Article we will explore how to view and edit Employee Details in the Employee Profile

To View Employee's Profile 

  1. Head to People > Employees
  2. Select Active Employees tab
  3. Type in the employee's name in the search button
  4. Click the Action button to drop down the available actions for the employee
  5. Select View Profile


Work Contact

Admins are able to view and update employee's work contact information

1. To edit work contacts, select Edit

2. Edit Contact Number, or Email Address as needed. 

3. Edit the employees Work Location address as needed

4. Select Confirm to save changes

Note: The employee's username will update according to which contact information it is tied to. For example, if the employee's username is their email address, updating the email address will update the username.

To learn how to change an employee's Username Type (change from email address to phone number, or from phone number to email address) read here:

Personal Contact 

Admins can keep a record of their employees personal contacts and addresses

1. To add Personal Contacts, select Add Personal Contact 

2. Select Home or Work contact

3. Input Contact Number and Email 

4. Select confirm to save changes 

5. To Add Contact Address Information, select Create New 

6. Select Address Type. Choose between Mail or Home. 

7. Input Address lines, Country, State, City and Postal Code 

8. Select Confirm to Save Address information.

Emergency Contact 

Admins are able to record employee's Emergency Contact information for the safety of the employee.

1. To add emergency contact, select Create New 

2. Input the Emergency Contact's Full Name 

3. Select the Relationship to the employee. Choose between different family members, friend or others.

4. Input the Emergency Contacts Contact number, email and address details.

5. Select Confirm to save changes.