What is People Module 

The People Module, is altHR's Employee Database. This is where admins are able to digitise employee information, login settings, and the company's overall Organisational Chart. There are several steps that must be completed in Setting up the People Module : 

1. Complete Set Up of Company Module 

2. Set Up Organisations (Or skip to step 4)

3. Set Up Positions (Or skip to Step 4) 

4. Bulk Import Organisations and Employees 

5. Set Up Approval Routings 

6. Configure App Settings

7. Set Up Personal Assistants if needed 

7. Set Up Out of Office Delegations if needed

To learn how to Set Up the People Module from the start, read How to Set Up People Module

What are App Settings in People Module Settings ?

App Settings is where Admins can configure the settings for employee profile, configure notification settings, create and manage custom fields and employee tags, configure employee's QR code information, and configure password settings for employees' login. Below, we will go through the settings of each portion that can be utilised and customised.

What are Employee Tags

Employee Tags are an additional way for Admins to categorise their employees. This will help with further Eligibility criteria in modules such as Leaves, Expenses, Travel etc. 

For example, if an admin has retail employees from different staff agencies, they may want to categorise these employees according to agency if each agency provides different Leave Policies. An Admin may create employee tags such as Agency 1, Agency 2 and Agency 3, and tag the employees accordingly. Later on, Admins may create certain Leave Policies that only apply to employees from Agency 1. They can then set the Eligibility criteria to Employee Tags, and select Agency 1

To Create Employee Tags

1. On your admin dashboard, head to the left panel.

2. Click People > Settings.

3. Click on the App Settings tab > Employee Tag

4. Click on Edit

5. Input the Employee Tag. 

6. Add more Employee Tags by clicking the blue + button. Admins may delete Employee Tags by clicking the red x button. 

7. Select Confirm to save changes.