What is Company Module? 

The Company Module in altHR is where admins can configure Company's profile information and overall company management. Admins are able to record the company information, build the structure of their organisation chart and levels of employees, create multiple office locations, as well as configure which modules will be used by employees and who will have access to the admin dashboard. 

There are several components of the Company Module which must be Set Up before admins may continue to use altHR.

  1. Profile - Basic and Address information records for your company
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  2. Structure - The overall Structure of your Organisation Chart
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  3. Job Bands - The different Levels/Categories of your employees
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  4. Offices - The different locations/offices of your company that employees work out of
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  5. Modules - The different modules of altHR that your employees may or may not use
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  6. Role Management - The database of Admin Access policies where Admins configure which employees have various types of access to the Admin Dashboard.
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Other functions that can be accessed from the People Module are 

  1. Company Notifications - Admin function to create and send out Push Notifications to all employees 
  2. Custom Reports - Admin function to create custom columns for what information should be pulled in your altHR Reports.