What is Leaves Module 

The Leaves Module, is where Admins can digitalised the Leave application and management process for the company. Admins are able configure leave policies accordingly, view and manage employee's leave requests and balances as well as configure the approval routings. There are several steps that must be completed in Setting up the Leaves Module : 

1. Complete Set Up of People Module - How to Set Up People Module

2. Set Up Approval Routings - How to Configure Default Approval Routings in Leaves

3. Set Up Work Days - How to Set Up Work Days in Leaves Module

4. Set Up Holidays - How to Set Up Holidays in Leaves Module 

5. Set Up Leave Policies - What are Leave Policies?

6. Import Leave Requests - How to Import Leave Requests

7. Modify Leave Balances if needed - How to Modify Leave Entitlement of Employees?