What is Leaves Module 

The Leaves Module, is where Admins can digitalised the Leave application and management process for the company. Admins are able configure leave policies accordingly, view and manage employee's leave requests and balances as well as configure the approval routings. There are several steps that must be completed in Setting up the Leaves Module : 

1. Complete Set Up of People Module 

2. Set Up Approval Routings

3. Set Up Work Days

4. Set Up Holidays 

5. Set Up Leave Policies

6. Import Leave Requests

7. Modify Leave Balances if needed

8. Configure Leave Request Limit if needed

What are Leave Policies 

Leave Policies are the different types of Leaves that employees can apply for, along with their own set of rules, restrictions, entitlements and limits. Admins are able to customise each policy to reflect their company's way of work, including setting the eligibility of certain employees to apply for certain policies and managing the leave policy entitlements.. There are 5 Categories of Leave Policies that Admins can Set Up.  

  1. Annual Leave

    Annual Leave Policies are a compulsory yearly leave entitlement for most employees. These leave policies are refreshed annually, and have a number of customisable rules and features, such as enabling Pro-Rata leave dates (both Pro-Rated by month & Monthly Earned Leave Basis), allowing for Carry Forward Leave (which allows employees to carry forward unutilized leave dates from this year to the next leave cycle), as well as enabling employees to apply for Emergency Leave.

  2. Generic Leave

    Generic Leave Policies are leave policies that admins can use for any other types of leaves besides Annual Leave. Examples of Leaves that can be created by using the Generic Leave Policy include Hospitalisation Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity/Paternity Leave, Marriage Leave, Compassionate leave, and any other leave policies your company may provide to your employees. Generic Leave Policies have other customisable features such Pay Type (Full Paid, Half Paid, Unpaid), Refresh Frequency ( Monthly, per transaction, yearly). Admins also have the ability to group multiple Generic Leaves together under a Special Leave, where the multipe generic leave policies can share their combined entitlement.

  3. Emergency Leave

    Emergency Leaves are a type of leave that is taken from Annual Leaves. A common practice for Annual Leave policies include requiring employees to apply for leave a certain number of days in advance. In the cases where employees are unable to apply in advance due to emergency situations such as vehicle accidents, sudden family matters, and the like, admins are able to set up Emergency Leave Policies which will allow employees to utilise Annual Leave entitlement on short notice. Admins are able to set limits for the number of emergency leaves that employees can apply for.

  4. Replacement Credit

    Replacement Credits are NOT a type of leave that employees can apply for. Replacement Credits are a way for employees to receive an extra day of leave entitlement credited into their leave balance, as a means of replacing a non-working day that they may have worked on. Employees may apply for Replacement Credits, and when this request is approved, they will receive an extra day of leave in their leave balance to be used accordingly. Admins are able to customise which existing Leave Policy Entitlement this replacement credit would be credited to.

  5. Special Leave

    Special Leaves in altHR are not a single particular Leave Policy in particular. Special Leave is a way for admins to put an Overall Limit for multiple Policies Combined. For example, a company may provide 3 education-related Generic Leave Policies, each with their own entitlement as follows

    Study Leave - 5 days
    Exam Leave - 3 days
    Ceremony Leave - 2 day
    Total Entitlement - 10 days

    When these 3 generic leave policies are Added into Special Policies, this allows them to 'share' the Entitlement Limit of the Special Leave Policy. For example, the Admin would like to limit a maximum of 8 days leave taken for Educational Purposes, and so they set the Education Special Leave Policy Entitlement to 8 days. 

    If an Employee has already taken 5 days of Study Leave, and 3 days of Exam Leave, this reaches the Special Leave Limit of 8 days, and they will no longer be able to apply for any days of Ceremony Leave even though the policy itself has 2 days balance.