This article will guide you on all the steps to complete each time before running payroll at PayrollPanda. 

These steps are crucial to ensure that the changes made at altHR will be synced and updated at PayrollPanda to ensure data accuracy when running payroll.

Company & Employee Details

A) People Updates at altHR

Each time before running payroll at PayrollPanda, make sure that:

B) Sync Employee Updates to PayrollPanda

Run the Company and Employee Details sync to PayrollPanda every month before running payroll, to sync over:

  • Company and Organisation updates
  • New Hires' Employee Profiles 
  • Changes or updates to the Employee Details
  • Resignee's last employment date for Salary Proration


  1. To run the sync, head to PayrollPanda > Sync Items > Select Employee Details > Click on Run Sync

  2.  Once the sync is completed, you can head to the Sync Report tab to Download the Sync Report and cross-check the employee details that have been synced over to PayrollPanda.

C) Update the Employee's Payroll-related Details at PayrollPanda

Information such as the employee's Basic Salary, Income Tax Profile (marital status, disability status, dependant children information), PCB contribution, and EPF contribution are NOT synced from altHR to PayrollPanda. 

These values will instead be updated and maintained at PayrollPanda as they would directly affect the Payroll and income tax calculations at PayrollPanda.

List of non-integrated fields 

You may refer to the Non-integrated fields table below on the fields that need to be updated for each new hire at PayrollPanda:

You can either update individually or bulk update using the Excel template at PayrollPanda. Learn more here: altHR-PayrollPanda Non-Integrated Fields to update at PayrollPanda

How to bulk edit multiple employee profiles?

TO NOTE: The PCB and EPF contributions at PayrollPanda will be automatically assigned based on the employee's Age, Worker Status, Nationality, and PR Status

Worker Status update at PayrollPanda:

  • If "Self-Employed" is selected, the worker will NOT be subject to statutory contributions (PCB, EPF, SOCSO, and EIS) and they will NOT be included in the E/EA forms generated at PayrollPanda.
  • If "Intern" is selected, the internship allowance is subject to PCB only (if above the threshold). Interns are included in the E/EA forms.