Step 1: Enable Payslip to Document Sync at altHR

Head to altHR > PayrollPanda tab > Payslip > Toggle on Enable Payslip to Documents.

Step 2: Run and Approve Payroll at PayrollPanda

Head to PayrollPanda > Payroll > Select Payroll Month to run payroll and add payroll items to your employees. 

Once you've checked and ensured that your Payroll is all good to go click on Continue > Approve Payroll.

Step 3: Publish Payslips to altHR

Once payroll has been approved and the payroll files have been generated, click on Preview to check each employee's payslip. 

After you've ensured all employees' payslips are accurate, you can click on Publish payslips to altHR to sync ALL Payslips to the altHR PayrollPanda integration tab. 

NOTE: All payslips published to altHR will be password-protected. The PayrollPanda password format is defaulted to the Identification Number (XXXXXX-XX-XXXX)/ Passport Number (case sensitive).

The Crediting date for payslips here is for you to set your Payroll Crediting date (the payout date) that will appear in the payslips. This is NOT for the system to auto-send out the payslips on the date set.

You can head to altHR > PayrollPanda > Sync Report to check if the Payslips sync is ready.

Step 4: Inform Employees of the PayrollPanda Payslips Password Format

If you would like to let all employees know about the new password format, you can do so using our Highlight Module! 

Refer to this article on How to create new highlights and How to publish and unpublish highlights.

Payslip Password Protection

When you publish the Payslips from PayrollPanda to altHR, Password Protection will be applied to ALL payslips by default, as an additional layer of protection to ensure data security.

The PayrollPanda password format is defaulted to the Identification Number.

  • If the identification type is NRIC, the password format will be: XXXXXX-XX-XXXX
  • If the identification type is Passport, the password format will be Case Sensitive, it will follow exactly the Passport number updated in altHR.

If you do not wish to have the Password Protection, you may send the payslips to the Employees via Email instead. This way, you'll have the option to disable password protection.

Step 5: Where to find the payslips at altHR?

Once the Payslip Sync is successful, all employees will receive their payslips in their altHR > Documents > Statutory Document folder.


On the altHR Admin Dashboard, admins can also view each employee's payslips under Others > Documents > Files > Statutory Document > Click on View.

Enter your altHR Admin Login Password  to confirm your identity before opening the document. 

Then, you'll be directed to a new tab with the employee's payslip. 

Enter the employee's password (Identification Number - NRIC: XXXXXX-XX-XXXX / Passport Number) to view the employee's payslips.