Video Guide: 5 steps to integrate altHR with PayrollPanda in less than 15 minutes!

Interested to learn more about PayrollPanda before signing up? 

- Request for a PayrollPanda Demo via this link:

Step 1: Connect your altHR account with PayrollPanda

Step 2: Company Details Sync

Step 3: Employee Details Sync

Step 4: All other Payroll Details to be  Updated before Running Payroll

Step 5: Payroll-Specific Fields to Update for all Employees at PayrollPanda 

Congratulations! You've reached the end of the tutorial on the initial altHR-PayrollPanda Integration. 

  • If you encounter any issues on the altHR-PayrollPanda integrated fields, please write to as we’ll be here to assist you!
  • If you have any Payroll related queries, you can also use the PayrollPanda Chat Support !

Some screenshots from the Tutorial Guide for your reference when you run the altHR PayrollPanda sync:

In cases of Sync Error(s), an Error Report will be auto-downloaded to guide you on your next actions: