What is Carry Forward Leave (CFL)?

Carry Forward Leave (CFL) is a type of leave policy that is commonly practised in an organisation to allow the employee to bring forward the unutilized Annual Leave (AL) to the following calendar year. 

How to perform Carry Forward Leave during Year End Closing?

Step 1 - Step 4: Perform BEFORE Current Leave Cycle End Date
Step 5: Perform AFTER the Current Leave Cycle Ends

  • Step 1: Configure Carry Forward Setting

    If you have yet to set up a Carry Forward setting, read >>> How to Configure Carry Forward LeaveSkip to Step 2 if you have already configured the Carry Forward setting.

  • Step 2: Ensure All Leaves are Submitted & Approved/Rejected [IMPORTANT!] 

    Please ensure every leave within the leave cycle is submitted and approved/rejected BEFORE the leave cycle end date - Do not leave any request in the 'PENDING' status. This is to allow the system to capture and calculate accurate leave balances to be carried forward.

    [IMPORTANT] If the leave application is submitted after the leave is carried forward, the late submission will NOT be able to be deducted from the Carry Forward Leave amount. 

  • Step 3: Download the Leave Balance Report

    Head to Leave > Reports > Generate Report > Choose report type: "Leave Balances" >  Filter: Year: (Please select current year eg. 2023) > Generate Report

    This step is to download the Leave Balance report to cross-check whether the carry-forward leave amount is correct after you carry forward the leave balance to the following year.

    ***Download this report BEFORE you perform the carry forward, and BEFORE the end of the leave cycle! More info: What Information is included in Leave Balances Reports?

  • Step 4: Perform Carry Forward

    Now, you're all set to carry forward to the following year/ next leave cycle: 
    • Manual Carry Forward: If you have selected Manual carry forward, the system will not automatically carry forward your leave to the next leave cycle; you will have to manually do it here:

      Leaves > Balances > More Actions > Select "Carry Forward" > Fill in the employees & their days of CFL (refer screenshot below) 

    • Auto Carry Forward: If you have selected Auto Carry Forward, you do not need to perform any action - the system will automatically carry forward the leave balances to the next leave cycle once the current leave cycle ends. 

      However, do ensure that every employee has submitted their leave and the leaves will need to be approved/rejected before the leave cycle ends (refer to Step 2).

  • Step 5: Check Leaves Report (Carry Forward)

    Upon entering the new leave cycle, kindly Head to Leave > Reports > Generate Report > Choose report type:"Leave Carry Forward" > Filter: Year: (Please select the Year that you've just carried forward from) > Generate Report

    Please cross-check the Carry Forward column with the Leave Balance reports, both amounts should be tallied.

    More info: What Information is included in Carry Forward LeaveReports