There are a couple of reasons that might trigger a sync error between altHR and PayrollPanda such as failed connection between both of your altHR and PayrollPanda accounts or due to incorrect data format at altHR.

To troubleshoot the root cause, please follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Download and Check the Sync Report

  • If you're at the Initial Sync stage, the Sync Report will be auto-downloaded upon any Sync Failure.

  • If you've completed the initial sync, you can download the latest Sync Report under altHR > PayrollPanda Tab > Sync Report.

  • You will find the Error Message under the Error Details tab in the Excel Sheet downloaded for your next action. Refer to the Instruction Page tab in the downloaded report for more information.

  • If the Sync Report has no information or values, the Sync Error is most probably due to your altHR account being disconnected from your PayrollPanda account. Refer to Step 2 to reconnect both accounts.

  • If the Sync Error is due to an Invalid data format as in the above sample, head to altHR > People > Employees, search for the specific employee(s) listed and update the fields accordingly before running the Sync again.

  • If the Sync error is due to an Invalid PCB number, read: What do I do if my employee's PCB Number is Invalid when running the sync to PayrollPanda?

Step 2: Check and Reconnect your altHR account to PayrollPanda

  • If the Sync Report does not show any values or information, it means that your altHR account is not connected to your PayrollPanda account.

  • Log in to your PayrollPanda account. Check the API Keys from PayrollPanda > Settings > API Keys.

  • Click on "Rotate Secret" at PayrollPanda to disconnect and reconnect your PayrollPanda account with altHR.

  • Copy and Paste these Client ID and Secret Key at altHR.

  • If you're still at the Initial Sync stage, you can paste these Keys at altHR > PayrollPanda > 1. PayrollPanda Credentials

  • If you've completed your initial integration setup, you can cross-check and update the Client ID and Secret under altHR >PayrollPanda > Integration

Step 3: Run the Sync Again

  • Select and Run the Sync again. 
  • Check the Sync Status Message. If it still shows a Sync Error, download the Sync Report for more details.

Should you have any trouble understanding the Error Message, you may share with us a copy of the downloaded Sync Report via and we will help you advise on the next steps!