Subscription & Account

  1. Do I need to subscribe and pay to 2 HRMS which is altHR + PayrollPanda if I wish to use altHR Core Modules + PayrollPanda Payroll Module?

    Answer: Yes, you will need to subscribe to altHR for Core Modules and PayrollPanda for the payroll module.

  2. Do I need to have 2 login (1 for altHR & 1 for PayrollPanda)?

    Answer: Yes, you will be given a login credential once you have signed up with PayrollPanda. You will have an altHR company admin log-in account AND a PayrollPanda company admin log-in account.

  3. Do my employees need another account for PayrollPanda?

    Answer: No, there will NOT be any employee login access in PayrollPanda. Only the Payroll Admin will have the login access to PayrollPanda to process payroll and utilize the payroll features.


  1. If I am using both altHR and PayrollPanda, do I just need to pay to altHR?

    Answer: No, there will be 2 different billings - you will need to pay the subscription fee to altHR and PayrollPanda separately. 


  1. Is the Leave Pay (Unpaid Leave & Leave Encashment) will be integrated to PayrollPanda?

    Answer: No. Leave Pay will not integrated into PayrollPanda.

  2. Is altHR's  Expense module integrated into PayrollPanda?

    Answer: Yes, the altHR Expense module is integrated with the PayrollPanda module – you will just need to process approved expenses in altHR and click the integration button and the expenses will be pulled over to PayrollPanda.

  3. How should I send the payslips to employees and for employees to receive their payslip?

    Answer: Once you have processed payroll in PayrollPanda, you will have the option to send the payslip to the employee’s altHR Document Manager. Employees will receive their payslip in their Document folder.

  4. Are all the information in altHR will be integrated into PayrollPanda?

    Answer: No, there are some information such as Salary, EOF voluntary contributions, etc are not integrated into PayrollPanda. You will need to manually update this information in PayrollPanda. Read more at altHR - PayrollPanda Integration: What’s Integrated?

  5. Can I exclude selected employee profile to NOT sync to PayrollPanda?

    Answer: Unfortunately you can't. The integration will sync ALL employee's profiles to PayrollPanda, except the resigned/terminated employees who have resigned/terminated before you start integrate altHR with PayrollPanda.


  1. Who do I reach out to if I have inquiries or issues with running Payroll once integrated with PayrollPanda?

    Answer: There are 2 supports you can reach out to:
    • For PayrollPanda payroll inquiries/issues: PayrollPanda Live Chat support (depending on plan*)
    • For altHR integration or expenses:  (*subject to changes, you will be informed if there are any changes to payroll support email)

If you are interested in learning about PayrollPanda, kindly reach out to PayrollPanda for demo: